J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S., &c President.

F. Bond, Esq \

W. W. Saunders, Esq., F.L.S V Vice-Presidents

G. R. Waterhouse, Esq., F.Z.S J

W. Yarrell, Esq., F.L.S. , &c Treasurer.

J. W. Douglas, Esq \

H. T. Stainton, Esq J

W. S. Dallas, Esq >

Edwin Shepherd, Esq

F. Smith, Esq

S. Stevens, Esq

S. J. Wilkinson, Esq

E. W. J anson, Esq Curator


Other Members of the Council.

Library and Cabinet Committee. Messrs. Douglas, Janson, Smith, Stainton, and Westwood.





OF LONDON, 1834—1849.

Vol. I. twenty-four plates, 25s. Od. to members 12s. 9d. Vol. II. twenty-two plates, 23s. Od. to members lis. 9d. Vol. III. sixteen plates, 21s. Gd. to members 10s. 9d. Vol. IV. twenty-tbree plates, 22s. 6d. to members lis. 3d. Vol. V. twenty-tbree plates, 25s. 6c?. to members 19s. Ad.

By a Resolution of the Council Members may obtain the Transactions at tbe above reduced price, if taken in entire Volumes; the price of the separate Parts remains as before.


Part 1, 1850, two plates, 2s. 6c?. to members 2s. Od. Part 2, 1850, one plate, 3s. Od. to members 2s. Od. Part 3, 1850, three plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. 0J. Part 4, 1851, four plates, 5s. Od. to members 3s. Od. Part 5, 1851, four plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. Od. Part 6, 1851, two plates, 3s. Od. to members 2s. Od. Part 7, 1851, one plate, 2s. 6d. to members Is. Od. Part 8, 1852, two plates, 5s. Od. to members 3s. Od.

The Journal of Proceedings of the Society, containing Abstracts of the Papers read, &c, is printed for gratuitous distribution among the Members ; and for sale to the public, price Is. per sheet.



Officers of the Society . . . . iii

Price of the Transactions iv

Explanation of the Plates ix

Addenda et Corrigenda xi

Additions to the Library from 1st January, 1850, to 31st December,

1851 xiii

Additions to the Collections from 1st January, 1850, to 31st December,

1851 xvi

By-Laws of the Society, altered and adopted at a Special General

Meeting held on the 1st September, 1851 1

List of Members, December 31st, 1850 i

Journal of Proceedings from January, 1850, to January, 1852 ... i

Index clxix


I. Description of a new Hemipterous Insect from Boutan ( Urochela

^-punctata). By W. S. Dallas, Esq., F.L.S 1

II. Notice of some Hemiptera from Boutan. By W. S. Dallas,

Esq., F.L.S 4

III. On two Subgenera of Ichneumons. By Thomas Desvignes, Esq. 12

IV. On the British Species of the Genus Gelechia of Zeller (con-

tinued). By J. W. Douglas, Esq 14

V. On Elachista arutellu, Zeller, and several Species with which it

is likely to be confounded. By H. T. Stainton, Esq. ... 21

VI. On the Genus Micropteryx of Zeller. By H. T. Stainton, Esq. 26 VII. Descriptions of two new Species of Exotic Hymenoptera. By

F. Smith, Esq 41



VIII. Descriptions of two new Strepsipterous Insects, parasitical on Bees of the Genus Hyl&us ; with some Account of their Habits and Metamorphoses. By S. S. Saunders, Esq. . . 42

IX. On the British Species of the Genus Gelechia of Zeller (con- tinued). By J. W. Douglas, Esq. . . ~ 60

X. Descriptions of some new Hymenoptera from Epirus. By

S. S. Saunders, Esq 69

XI. On various Australian Longicorn Beetles. By W.W. Saunders,

Esq., F.L.S 76

XII. On Ornix Meleagripennella and its Allies; a Group of Lepi-

dopiera, Family Tineidtz. By H. T. Stainton, Esq. ... 86

XIII. Descriptions of new Butterflies, and Remarks on the Sexes of

some Papilios. By W. C. Hewitson, Esq 97

XIV. On the British Species of the Genus Gelechia of Zeller (con-

tinued). By J. W. Douglas, Esq 101

XV. Note on the British Species belonging to the Genus Acuntho-

soma, Curtis. By W. S. Dallas, Esq., F.L.S 109

XVI. On Gracilaria, a Genus of Tineida. By H. T. Stainton,

Esq 115

XVII. Specimen Fauna Subterranece ; being a Contribution towards the Subterranean Fauna. By J. C. Schiodte. Translated from the Danish by N. Wallich, M. & Ph. D., F. R. S.,

V.P.L.S., &c 134

XVIII. On Insects injurious to the Cotton Plant. By W. W.

Saunders, Esq., F.L.S 158

XIX. Descriptions of three new Genera of Exotic Coleoptera. By

J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S 167

XX. On the Papilio Telamon of Donovan ; with Descriptions of two other Eastern Butterflies. By J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.LS 173

XXI. On the Nest of Polistes Lanio, Fab. ; and on the Nest of a

Social Wasp. By F. Smith, Esq 176

XXII. Notes on the Habits of Australian Hymenoptera. By F. Smith,

Esq 179

XXIII. Description of a new Species of Lithocolletis. By R. F.

Logan, Esq 182

XXIV. On Gracilaria, a Genus of Tineida (continued). By H. T.

Stainton, Esq 183

XXV. On the Effects of certain Agents on Insects. By John Davy,

Esq., M.D., F.R.S . . 195



XXVI. Descriptions of some new Exotic Hymenoptera, belonging to

Evania and allied Genera. By J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S. 213 XXVII. Remarks on the Psyckidee. By Professor C. Th. v. Siebold.

Translated by H. T. Stainton, Esq 234

XXVIII. On the British Species of the Genus Gelechia of Zeller

(continued). By J. W. Douglas, Esq 241

XXIX. On the Genus Mantispa; with Descriptions of new Species.

By J. O. Westwood, Esq., F.L.S 252

XXX. Remarks on the Synonymes of the Genus Acanthosoma, as

regards the British Species. By John Curtis, Esq., F.L.S. 271


Plate. Pig. page

I. 1 . Hesthesis ornata 84

2. Agapete carissima 84

3. Oruderes humeralis 81

4. Brachopsis concolor 79

5. Enchoptera nigiicontis 77

6. Macrones exilis 78

7. Enchoptera apicalis 77

8. Macrones rufus 78

II. 1. Urochela ^-punctata 3

2. Nematopus serripes 4

3. Platymeris fulvipes 6

4. Harpactor obscurus 7

5. Arilus nigricollis 8

6. Ranatra pilipes 9

III. 1 —4. Micropteryx Calthella 28

5—6. , , Seppella 29

7. atlionella 31

8. ,, subammanella 31

9. ,, rubrifascielta 32

10—13,18. ,, subpurpurelta 33

17. ,, semipurpurella 34

14. ,, Sparmannella 35

15. ,, purpurella 36

16. ,, unimaculella 37

19. Posterior wings of Elachista modestella 24

20. ,, ,, (Ecophora grandipennis 22

21. Gelechice 23

22. ,, Elachista aratella 24

IV. 1 . Psilomorpha tenuipes 80

2. Stenoderus maculicomis 79

3. Brachytria gu losa 83

4. Stephanops nasuius 81

5. Hephozstion ocreatus , 82

6. Akiptera sem ifiava 83

7. Bimia femoralis 82

V. 1 . Paragia tricolor 41

2. ,, Odyneroides 42

3. Pseudomelia Grceca J 70

4. Briar-cells of Raphiglossa Eumenoides 75

VI. 1 . Myrmosa nigriceps $ 75

2. Raphiglossa Odyneroides $ 75

3. $ 75

4. ,, Eumenoides J 75


Plate. Fig. page

VII. 1. Megalryra mutilis 226

2. Shuckardi 226

3. Aulacus ruficeps 224

4. Trigonalys maculata 23 1

5. hwara luteus 233

VIII. 1—3. Hylecthrus Rubi 56

4. Hyl<Eus versicolor 58

IX. 1. Stagobius troglodytes 146

2. Anurophorus stillicidii 1 47

3. Stalita tanaria 148

4. Blothrus spelceus 149

5. Niphargus stygius 150

6. Titanethes albus 153

X. 1. Papilio Columbus 98

2. Bolivar 97

XI. 1 . Leptalis Acrccoides 99

2. Callithea Batesii 99

3. Catagramma Astarte 100

XII. 1 2. Arctia Horsfieldii, and its caterpillar 162

3 4. Phalmna oblinita, and its caterpillar 162

5 7. Eudioptes Indica, its caterpillar and chrysalis 163

8— 10. Insects on leaves of cotton plant 164

XIII. 1. Paromia Dorcoides 168

2. Cossyphodes Wollastoni 170

3. ChtEtosoma Scaritides 172

XIV. 1 14. Wings of species of Gracilaria 118 125

XV. 1—3,5—8. 183—193

4. Leaves of Hypericum pulchrum attacked by larvae of

Gracilaria auroguttella 188

9. Lithocolletis nigrescentella 182

XVI. 1. Polistes Lanio 176

2. Trigonalys compressa 176

3. Nest of a wasp formed of clay 1 77

4. Clay nest of Abispa 180

5. Abispa ephippium 181

XVII. 1. Muntispa vittata 257

2. ,, Australasia 258

3. ,, strigipes 259

4. ,, scutellaris 260

5. ,, delicatula 261

6. ,, discolor 262

7. ,, biseriata 263

XVIII. 1. 4-tuberculata 264

2. , , tropica 265

3. areolaris 266

4. ,, lineolata 267

5. ,, Indica 268

6. Mozambica 269

7. fenella 269


Page 15 et seq.,for " ciliae," read "cilia."

65, line 1 1, for •' tertiamque," read " tertiaque."

79, 17, for " PI. IV.," read " PI. I."

81, 5, for" nassatus," read" nasutus;" and for" 1850," read" 1838.

89, ,, 28, fcr " farinata," read " farinato."

107, \9,for " inform," read " informs."

156, ,, 18, for " tseniaria," read " teenaria."

197, ,, 42, after " results," insert " only."

200, ,, 36, for "to," read "in."

203, 12, for "."put " ,"

,, ,, ,, for " T," put " t."

206, ,, 11, after " fly," insert " with a like result."

210, 2, for "knat," read "gnat."


Page xiv. line 24, for " banchseite," read " bauehseite." xv. ,, 5, after " bifractella," read " (Tis.)" ,, ,, 18, for " Ctenostoma," read " Cemiostoma." xvi. 5, for " retiella," read " reticella." 1 1, for " Saville," read " Serville." ,, 42, after " albidis," insert " postice.*'

,, 45 and 46, for " Parameria, Savigny," read " Pseudomeria, S. S. Saunders." lxxi. 31, for " February," read " March." xcix. ,, 40, for " Blackwell," read " Blackwall."

( xiii )


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( xvi )


FROM THE 1st JANUARY, 1850, TO THE 31st DECEMBER, 1851.

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Rev. C. Kuper .... Ptemstichus oblongo-piinctatus (6). Mr. S. S. Saunders . .Pupae of an Odynerus and Hylteus from brambles. Mr. S. S. Saunders ..Raphiglossa Eumenoides and R. Odyiteroides. Mr. S. S. Saunders . .Scleroderma cylindrica and S. pedunculata.

Mr. Lubbock Sirex duplex.

Mr. Meade Theridion variegatum, nest of.






Chap. I. Object. I HE Entomological Society of London is instituted for the improvement and diffusion of Entomological Science.

Chap. II. Constitution.

The Society consists of British and Foreign Ordinary Members and Subscribers, the number of whom shall be unlimited ; of Foreign Honorary Members, whose number shall not exceed ten; of Foreign Corresponding Members, the number of whom shall be unlimited ; and of English Associates, the number of whom shall not exceed ten.

Chap. III. Management.

The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council, con- sisting of thirteen Members, to be chosen annually (five of whom shall form a quorum), four of whom shall not be re-eligible for the following year.

Chap. IV. Officers.

The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President ; three Vice-Presidents ; a Treasurer ; two Secretaries ; and a Curator.

Chap. V. Annual Election of Officers. 1. The President, Treasurer and Secretaries shall be elected annually out of the Council. The Vice-Presidents shall be nomi- nated by the President, at the Meeting next after the Anniversary



Meeting, from the Council. The President and two of the Vice- Presidents shall not, however, remain in office more than two years successively. The Curator shall be appointed by the Council.

2. In the event of any vacancy occurring in the Council or Officers of the Society, at the next Meeting of Council after such vacancy has been made known, the Council shall recommend to the Society the name of some Member to be elected to the vacant situation ; and the next Ordinary Meeting of the Society shall be made a Special General Meeting and the Members summoned accordingly, and the Election shall take place as provided for at the Anniversary Meeting, Chap. XX.

Chap. VI. President. The duty of the President shall be to preside at the Meetings of the Society and Council, and regulate all the discussions therein, and to execute, or see to the execution of, the By-Laws and orders of the Society.

Chap. VII. Vice-Presidents.

1 . In case of the absence of the President, it shall be the duty of a Vice-President to fill his place, or, in the absence of all the Vice- Presidents, a Member of the Council shall preside.

2. If no Member of the Council shall be present at any Ordinary Meeting, the Members present shall nominate and appoint by a majority to be Chairman such Member as they shall deem fit.

3. The Chairman so appointed shall for the time being have all the authority, privilege and power of President.

Chap. VIII. Treasurer.

1. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive for the use of the Society all sums of money payable to the Society, and to dis- burse all sums payable by the Society out of the funds in his hands.

2. No payment exceeding £5, excepting for rent or taxes, shall be made by the Treasurer without the consent of the Council.

3. The Treasurer shall keep a book of Cheque Receipts for admission fees and annual payments ; each receipt shall be signed by himself, the date of payment and name of Member or Subscriber paying being written both on the receipt and on the part of the cheque which is left in the book.


4. The Treasurer shall demand all arrears of annual payment, after such payment shall have been due three months.

5. The Treasurer shall, moreover, furnish the Auditors with a detailed account of all receipts and disbursements up to the 31st December, previous to each Anniversary. The accounts of the Treasurer shall be audited annually previously to the Anniversary Meeting by a Committee of three Members of Council, and three Members of the Society, to be appointed by the President at the Ordinary first Meeting in January, of which Committee three shall be a quorum.

Chap. IX. Secretaries.

1. It shall be the duty of the Secretaries to keep a list of all the Members, Subscribers, and Associates of the Society, together with their addresses ; to produce to the Council all correspondence in any way connected with the Society at the next Meeting after such correspondence shall have been received, or taken place ; to edit the Transactions and Proceedings under the direction of the Council, and to take care that the Proceedings are published and ready for delivery to the Members and Subscribers at a Meeting of the Society within six months after the entry of such Proceedings in the Minute Book has been confirmed.

2. Minutes of the Proceedings of Monthly and Council Meetings shall be taken by one of the Secretaries ; or, in their absence, by any Member whom the Chairman may appoint for the occasion.

3. The Minutes shall be fairly copied by one of the Secretaries into a Minute Book, and at the next Meeting read aloud for con- firmation.

Chap. X. Curator. It shall be the duty of the Curator to take care of the Library and Cabinets of the Society ; * to arrange and class the insects, &c. ; to keep a Catalogue of the Library ; and to call in all books borrowed, as directed in Sect. 5, Chap. XI.

Chap. XI. Library and Cabinet Regulations. 1. A Catalogue of the Library and MSS. shall be kept by the Curator, with the names of the Donors.

* The Curator is in attendance at the Rooms of the Society every Monday between the hours of Two and Seven o'clock, p.m., for the purpose of showing the Collections, &c. to Members and Subscribers.

b 2


2. The Library and Cabinets shall be under the superintendence of a Committee, consisting of the President and four Members, who shall be elected by the Council at the first Meeting in February in every year (three of whom shall be a quorum), and who shall render an Annual Report to the Council at the first Meeting in the following January.

3. No Member or Subscriber shall, without special permission of the Council, be allowed to borrow or have in his possession from the Library more than four volumes at one time, or to retain the same longer than one month, without leave of the Curator.

4. If the books are torn, injured, lost, or not forthcoming when demanded by the Curator, full compensation shall be made for the same by the borrower.

5. The Curator shall call in all books borrowed from the Library on the 5th day of January and 5th of July in every year; and in case the same be not returned on or before the General Meeting of the Society in the following month, notice thereof shall be given by him to the Council, who shall then direct a second notice to be sent to the Member or Subscriber retaining such books, and in case the same be not returned within the further space of four weeks from the date of such second notice so sent, such Member or Subscriber shall in future be disqualified from borrowing books from the Library without the special permission of the Council.

6. All Members of and Subscribers to the Society shall have free access to the Library and Cabinets, at the time specified in the By-Laws, for the purpose of examination and description, and shall be allowed, with the permission of the Council, to borrow specimens from the collections for such purposes ; excepting that if a Member, Subscriber or Stranger present specimens of new insects to the Society with manuscript names attached, specifying his intention of publishing the same, then no individual, whether Member, Subscriber or Stranger, shall during the space of twelve months publish any description or figure of such specimen.

7. No Stranger shall be allowed to see the Library or Cabinets unless introduced by a Member or Subscriber ; but a note addressed to the Curator or Secretary shall be deemed a sufficient intro- duction.

8. No Stranger shall be permitted to take away or to describe any insect, or to make a drawing of the same, except by special permission of the Council previously obtained.


Chap. XII. Election and Admission of Members and Subscribers.

1. Every Candidate for admission into the Society shall he pro- posed by three or more Members, who must sign a Certificate in recommendation of him.

2. The Certificate shall specify the name, and usual place of resi- dence of the Candidate.

3. The Certificate for a Member, having been read at one of the Ordinary Meetings, shall be suspended in the room, read again at the following Ordinary Meeting, and the person therein recom- mended shall be balloted for at the next Ordinary Meeting.

4. The Certificate for a Subscriber, having been read at one of the Ordinary Meetings, shall be suspended in the Room, and the person therein recommended shall be balloted for at the next Ordi- nary Meeting after such reading.

5. The Certificate for an Associate shall be subject to the ap- proval of the Council, and shall be subject to the same regulations as adopted for a Member.

6. The method of voting for the election of Members and Sub- scribers shall be by Ballot, and two-thirds of the Members balloting shall elect.

7. The Elections of Ordinary Members shall be void unless the admission fee shall be paid within twelve months after the date of their Election ; the Council shall, however, possess a discretionary power to extend the time of payment.

8. Members and Subscribers shall sign the Obligation Book of the Society at the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society at which they are present, and shall then be admitted by the President.

Chap. XIII. Admission Fee and Annual Contribution.

1. The Admission Fee for Members shall be £2 : 2s., the Annual Contribution £1 : Is.

2. The Annual Contribution for Subscribers is £1 : 1.9., without Admission Fee.

3. The composition in lieu of the Annual Contribution is £15 :15s.; the composition for Members and Subscribers elected previous to the 1st January, 1 852, is £10 : 10s.

4. The Annual Contribution shall become due on the first day of January in every year in advance ; but any Member or Subscriber elected after the 30th of September will not be called upon for his subscription for the remaining portion of that year.

b 3


Chap. XIV. Withdrawing and Removal of Members and Subscribers.

1. Every Member or Subscriber, having paid all fees due to the Society, shall be at liberty to withdraw therefrom upon giving notice in writing to the Secretary.

2. Whenever written notice of a motion shall be delivered to the Secretary for removing any Member, Subscriber, or Associate, signed by the Chairman for the time being on the part of the Council or by five or more Members, such notice shall be read from the chair at the two Ordinary General Meetings immediately following the delivery thereof, and the next following Ordinary Meeting shall be made a Special General Meeting and the Mem- bers summoned accordingly, when such Motion shall be taken into consideration and decided by ballot ; whereat if a majority of the Members balloting shall vote that such Member, Subscriber or Associate be removed, he shall be removed from the Society.

3. Whenever any Ordinary Member of the Society shall be in arrear for three years in the payment of his Annual Contribution, notice thereof in writing shall be given or sent to him by the Trea- surer, together with a copy of this section ; and in case the same shall still remain unpaid, the Treasurer shall give notice thereof to the Council, who shall cause the name of such Member, together with a statement of the sum due by him for arrears, to be read at the three following Ordinary Meetings of the Society, after the last of which a second similar notice shall be sent to him, and at the fourth Ordinary Meeting such Member of the Society shall be re- moved, and the President shall erase his name from the List of Members.

4. Whenever the Annual Contribution of a Subscriber shall be in arrear one year, such Subscriber shall have his name erased from the List of Subscribers and cease to belong to the Society.

Chap. XV. Privileges of Members and Subscribers.

1. The Members have the right to be present, to state their opinion and to vote at all Meetings ; to propose Candidates for admission into the Society ; to introduce Visitors at general Meet- ings of the Society, and to introduce scientific Strangers to the Library and Museum ; to purchase the Transactions of the Society at reduced ptices, and to have personal access to the Library and Museum.


2. No Member to introduce more than one Visitor.

3. Ordinary Members of the Society resident more than fifteen miles from London shall be entitled to receive the Transactions gratuitously when their Annual Contribution has been paid.

4. All the Honorary and Ordinary Members are eligible to any office in the Society, the latter provided they are not more than one year in arrear in the payment of the Annual Subscription.

5. No Member shall be entitled to vote on any occasion until he shall have paid his subscription for the year last past.

6. Subscribers enjoy all the privileges of Members excepting those of voting at the Meetings, holding office in the Society, and proposing Candidates.

7. Subscribers have no claim upon or interest in the property of the Society.

8. Associates shall have the right to be present at the Meetings, and to have personal access to the Library and Collections.

Chap. XVI. Foreign Members.

1. Every Foreigner who has distinguished himself as an Ento- mologist, or who has shown himself able and willing to promote the ends for which the Society is founded, may be elected a Foreign Member; his Annual Contribution shall be £1 : Is., and he shall be entitled to the same privileges as other Members.

2. Foreign Members shall not be required to sign the Obligation Book until present at an Ordinary Meeting of the Society, and when so present shall be admitted as other Members.

3. Foreign Members shall be exempt from the payment of any Admission Fee.

4. Foreigners and Residents abroad may be elected as Cor- responding Members, who shall not be subject to the payment of any Annual Contribution, and who shall be entitled to a copy of the Journal of Proceedings of the Society, but not to the Transac- tions ; which, however, may be purchased by them at the reduced price paid by the Ordinary Resident Members. The Privileges of Corresponding Members shall however cease in case they shall at any future time be residents in the United Kingdom for the space of twelve months, unless sanctioned, in the case of any particular Member, by a special vote of the Council.



Chap. XVII. Honorary Members.

1 . Every person proposed as an Honorary Member shall be re- commended by the Council, and be balloted for, and elected, and be liable to be removed in the like form and manner, and be sub- ject to the same rules and restrictions, as an Ordinary Member.

2. Honorary Members shall be exempted from the payment of Fee.; and Contributions ; and shall possess all the privileges of Ordinary Members.

3. No resident in Great Britain can be an Honorary Member, except William Spence, Esq., F.R.S.

Chap. XVIII. Meetings of the Society.

1. The Ordinary General Meetings of the Society shall be held on the first Monday in each month in the year, beginning at eight o'clock precisely in the evening, or at such other time as the Council shall direct.

2. At the Ordinary Meetings the order of business shall be as follows.

1. The names of the Visitors allowed to be present at the

Meeting shall be read aloud by the Chairman.

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting shall be read aloud by

one of the Secretaries, and proposed for confirmation by the Meeting, and signed by the Chairman.

3. The Presents made to the Society since their last Meeting

shall be announced and exhibited.

4. Certificates in favour of Candidates for admission into the

Society shall be read or submitted to ballot.

5. Members and subscribers shall sign their names in the Obli-

gation Book, and be admitted.

6. Exhibitions of specimens, &c. shall be made.

7. Entomological communications shall be announced and read

either by the Author or one of the Secretaries. When the other business has been completed, the persons present shall be invited by the Chairman to make their observa- tions on the communications which have been read, and on the specimens or drawings which have been exhibited at the Meeting.

3. The President shall have a discretionary power as to the Papers to be read at the Meetings of the Society ; and the Secre- taries, assisted by the President and any Member or Members of the Council, shall determine as to the priority in which such papers shall be read, and propriety of omitting any portion of the same.


4. All Memoirs which shall be read at any General Meeting of the Society shall become the property of the Society, unless other- wise stipulated for previous to the reading thereof.

5. No Motion relating to the government of the Society, its By-Laws, the management of its concerns, or the election, appoint- ment or removal of its Officers, shall be made at any Ordinary Meeting.

Chap. XIX. Special General Meeting. Upon the requisition of any six or more Members, presented to the President and Council, a Special General Meeting of the Society shall be convened, and any proposition to be submitted to such Meeting shall be stated at length in the Notice to Membeis.

Chap. XX. Annual General Meeting.

1. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the Meeting-room on the fourth Monday in January of every year.

2. The objects of the Meeting shall be to choose the Council and Officers for the then ensuing year ; and to receive from the Council, and hear read, their Annual Report on the general concerns of the Society.

3. The Council for the time being shall annually cause to be prepared two written Lists, one of which (No. 1 in the Schedule hereto) shall contain the names of four Members, whom they shall recommend to be removed from, and of four other Members to be elected into the Council ; and the other List (No. 2) shall contain the names of such Members as they shall recommend to fill the offices of President, Treasurer and Secretaries, for the year en- suing ; which Lists shall be read at the Monthly Meeting in January, and shall then be fixed up in the Meeting-room until the day of election. And copies of such Lists shall be transmitted to every Member whose known residence shall be in London, or within twenty miles thereof, at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting shall take place.

4. The Secretaries, assisted by the Treasurer, shall prepare a List of the Members entitled to vote, and each Member voting shall give his name to the Scrutineers to be marked on the said list.

5. On the day of voting, each Member present shall put his balloting Lists into the respective Glasses to be provided for such occasion ; before doing which, however, in case he shall have added


any name or names to the Lists proposed by the Council, he shall strike out the name or names of those persons recommended for whom he does not vote. And if more names shall be suffered to remain in any List than the number of persons to be elected or removed, such List shall be rejected. And in case the names suffered to remain shall be less than the number of vacancies to be supplied, those names only which shall remain in the List shall stand as voted for.

6. The President shall appoint two or more Scrutineers from the Members present, not being Members of the Council, to superin- tend the Ballots and report the results to the Meeting.

7. The Ballot for the Council shall remain open for one quarter of an hour, at the least ; and the Ballot for the Officers for one quarter of an hour, at the least, after the result of the Ballot for the Council shall have been declared.

8. If from any cause an election shall not take place of persons to fill the Council, or any of the offices aforesaid, then the election of the Council and Officers, or the election of Officers, as the case may be, shall be adjourned until the next convenient day, of which notice shall be given, in like manner as is directed for the Annual General Meeting.

9. No Ballot, either for the election of Members or any other business, shall be taken unless nine Members are present.

Chap. XXI. Transactions.

1. The Transactions shall consist of Papers communicated to the Meetings of the Society.

2. The Transactions shall be published quarterly, and at such prices as the Council shall direct for each Part or Volume ; but the price for one copy of each Part or Volume, to each Member or Subscriber who shall have paid his Annual contribution for the year in which such Part or Volume shall be published, shall not exceed three-fourths of the price charged to the public.

3. Foreign Members of the Society who shall have paid the Annual Subscription for the year, and Ordinary English Members and Subscribers resident more than fifteen miles from London, shall be entitled to receive the Transactions of the Society pub- lished during the year without any further payment.

4. The superintendence of the Publications shall be by a Com- mittee, which shall consist of thirteen Members to be appointed by the Council, including the President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretaries.


5. The Committee of Publication shall consider every Paper which shall have been communicated to a General Meeting of the Society, and shall report to the Council thereon ; but no Paper shall be reported on at any Meeting of the Committee unless there shall be three or more Members present : and such Committee shall be convened by the Secretary every third month or oftener, when all papers read since the last Meeting of Committee shall be produced and referred.

6. Authors of Memoirs to be published in the Transactions shall be allowed 25 copies of their communications .with uncoloured plates, gratis. If any additional number be required, the entire expense thereof and the colouring of all plates to be paid for by the Authors.

7. A Journal of Proceedings of the Society shall also be pub- lished quarterly or half-yearly, containing Abstracts of the Papers read and Notices of other Matters communicated at the Ordinary Meetings of the Society, which Journal, together with the Transac- tions, shall be edited by the Secretaries, or one of them, and shall be bound up and sold with the Transactions.

Chap. XXII. Alteration of the By-Laws. Any of the By-Laws of the Society may at any time be repealed, or altered and amended, or others adopted in lieu thereof, at any Meeting of the Society, to be specially summoned in pursuance of Notice to be given to the President and Council, to be signed by six Members at least, such Notice to specify the intended repeal or alteration, and to be read at three General Meetings of the Society previous